Dipping my toe in the podcasting pond again…

Hopefully nobody out there recalls my pretty disastrous attempt at creating a podcast. It turned into a real chore, due to all the work involved. And finding the time to record in a quiet environment was just proving impossible. And so, like many many podcasts before it, my podcast withered on the vine.

But I’m back! Well, kind of. I’ve started to recording using Anchor.fm, a super-useful tool for recording your podcast on your iPhone. Seriously – install, register and start speaking into your phone. The platform does the rest. You can even get a podcast that gets pushed out to all the serious players and platforms – like iTunes.

Which is what I did!

I’ve started to use my microphone with the iPhone, as the quality of the recording improves enormously (quality of content is another thing entirely).

Using the iPhone and avoiding any serious editing (you can add music and obviously listen to your recordings before they’re published) means I’m much more likely to keep going. Less friction means more action – and more of my words in your head.

So what am I talking about? Most recently, reflecting on my travels, discussing Christmas pressures and reviewing my iPhone X. If you want to subscribe, search for ‘MacPsych on the Move’.

You can find out all about Anchor.fm via their website and download the free app here. It’s quickly turned into my new favourite iPhone app.

10 comments on “Dipping my toe in the podcasting pond again…

  1. I love podcasts! I’ll check out the app and have a listen 🙂


  2. LOL! Just listened to the Baltic Dublin one and DLR Nudity XD You have to be more specific… what was the gesturing the guy in the hotel did? 😛

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    • Ha ha! Let’s just say it was the kind of physical activity none of us expected to see from the DLR…

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      • I can’t believe people tried to take a picture XD That sounds kinda brazen… “Yo everyone! Look what that guy is doing!”

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        • I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, to be honest. But there was no mistaking either the activity or who he was aiming it at. To be fair to him (I’m trying), he could have featured on the cover of Men’s Health! A gym bunny to be sure.

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  3. Best wishes on your renewed endeavor! If captioning is available, just let me know! Naked hugs!


  4. turning20web

    Love it..!!
    Happy podcasting…!!
    Sending positive vibes 💫

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