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So. Many. Avengers.

Marvel released their trailer for the next Avengers movie. And it is EPIC.

It’s worth watching it a few times, just to spot all the different characters. I mean, we’ve got Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther…the list goes on.

While the trailer itself looks stunning,  have one big concern: will an average audience be able to keep up with both the huge cast of characters? I mean, I heard feedback that there were too many characters in Captain America: Civil War. That looks tame by comparison now.

There has been a fairly solid story arc running through the Marvel comics movies up until now: the infinity gems. They’ve appeared in various guises. Bringing them – and arch-villain Thanos – together on Earth will make for some spectacular scenes. I hope audiences aren’t put off by the complexity of the stories leading to this episode of the Marvel franchise. But I also hope the movie doesn’t contain too much ‘Avengers for Dummies’ exposition for those people who’ve never watched the Avengers on screen before.

But I also hope the movie doesn’t contain too much ‘Avengers for Dummies’ exposition for those people who’ve never watched the Avengers on screen before.

On the other hand, bringing such an amazing array of characters together like this gives Marvel an excellent opportunity to jumpstart their next cycle of superhero movies and even diverge from the comics a little more. Just to keep the movies simple, entertaining and still surprising for a varied audience.

Despite watching and enjoying this trailer a dozen times already, I’m left with some questions, though:

  • Why is the Black Widow’s hair now blonde?
  • What is the Winter Soldier doing out of stasis?
  • What happens in the upcoming Black Panther movie to bring everyone to Wakanda?
  • And how long until the next movie?!

My prediction for ‘Infinity War’ is that it will echo ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. A quite dark mood, some casualties along the way and an apparent win for the bad guys. So we’ll be left hanging for the next episode, where good shall surely prevail.

I’m so happy to be along for the ride!


3 comments on “So. Many. Avengers.

  1. Wouldn’t worry about the need for exposition. Unlike DC this universe is fully formed and fleshed out.
    I think this has a Return of the King three key battle sequence vibe.
    Team New York (Iron Man Avengers + Sanatorium + Hulk) and it not going well especially for Vision and probably ending with Iron Spider-Man and Iron Man at least ending up on the wrong planet via the teleport device.
    Team Wakanda (Panther + Team Cap + Hulk & War Machine) in a Ride of the Rohirrum last stand.
    Team Space (Thor, Galaxy Iron Man and Spider-Man) on Nova which I think will be the yellow planet at the beginning trying to break the wormhole device which needs the Tesseract to be powered.
    The Winter Soldier is out because you needed everyone in play and because i think at some stage Cap and Bucky will go out together back to back fighting the same as how they came in at the beginning of the very first movie

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    • I think that’s a great analogy – multiple points of focus, keeping the story moving. Some will obviously have a happier ending than others. I’d hate for this to be the end of the Vision!


  2. ethnicolor

    I was sort-of following superhero movies up to Guardians of The Galaxy, which convinced me these were only movies for die-hard fans of the genre. I’m dimly aware of the huge complexity of the different background stories of different characters, plus “reboots”, however I think there’s a danger here that these movies are heading down the road of *only* appealing to comic fans. I love the cinema and I’d go and watch almost anything, but if I know a movie is going to be a bewildering mish-mash of different characters and too-fast-to-follow action sequences, I won’t bother. Shame, because they can be enjoyable in their own right.

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