Star Trek: Discovery goes out on a bang!

Wow. I’m not sure how to describe how I felt once last night’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery was over. I mean, I knew it represented a mid-season pause in the schedule, with no new episodes until January. So that meant a little disappointment.

Note: some spoilers below! In fact, many spoilers below. 

Disappointment at the scheduling aside, the episode itself was thrilling, exhausting, tense and incredibly satisfying. We had some plot threads nicely resolved, including the death of some very nasty Klingons, while others were tantalizingly dangled right in front of us, but still out of reach. I mean, what exactly is the deal with Captain Lorca?

And now that the Discovery is carrying a very dangerous and cunning Klingon prisoner of war, what does it mean for their new Chief of Security? As a human who suffered at her hands while a prisoner of the Klingons, Tyler can’t be taking it well.

That is, if he actually is a human. There’s a school of thought that he’s a bio-engineered Klingon, sent to infiltrate the Federation and take it down from the inside.

While we’re raking over rumours, what about the one that says Lorca is actually an evil replacement visiting from a parallel universe? Remember the Original Series episode where they all had beards and were trying to bump each other off all the time? That universe.

We finish this episode still wondering at Lorca’s true intentions, what Admiral Cornwell will do about Lorca once she wakes up in hospital, how Stamets will fare once he gets over his far-too-many spore jumps for one afternoon and…most of all….where the hell their final jump took them to?!

(But seriously, that passionate kiss and “I love you” exchange between Stamets and Culber should have been wonderful – but all I could think was “Oh god, please don’t let either of them die in the next scene!”)

This was, by far, my favourite episode of the season so far. If we can expect more of the same in 2018, I’ll be a very happy space nerd.

Thank you, gods of Star Trek, for this wonderful bounty you have gifted us on the Netflix.

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