One week in with the iPhone X

I finally got my hands on the new iPhone X last Sunday and I have to admit, it’s rarely left my hands since then. This – finally – is the iPhone I’ve wished Apple would make. Yes, there’s been a ton of anticipation and hype about this phone, but for me it has lived up to all expectations.

I’ve had about seven days of almost non-stop usage of the phone and thought I’d share a few initial reflections while they’re still fresh. So, in no particular order:

The screen: the screen is a thing of beauty. Really. I have to admit I’ve regularly flipped the phone over in my hand just to admire how vibrant the colours are. I could look at it for hours. Colours just pop and it’s a real pleasure to interact with.

Face ID: this works like a dream for me. Whether or not I’m wearing my glasses or my shades, whether I’m indoors or outside, it just unlocks the phone with the glance. And yes, I’ve tested it in the dark (possibly the best place to look at my face) and it’s like magic. Perfect, every time.

Battery life: despite having a smaller battery than my old iPhone 7 Plus, the battery on this is holding up like a champ. Day one was a challenge, but then again, I had the screen on for like six straight hours while I set it up, installed all my apps and downloaded all my data. Since then, I easily get a typical day’s use out of it. Plus, wireless charging is great. I have a wireless charging point next to my bed and it’s infinitely easier to just drop it on the mat at night rather than fumble around for the lightning cable and find the port in my iPhone.

Plus, wireless charging is great. I have a wireless charging point next to my bed and it’s infinitely easier to just drop it on the mat at night rather than fumble around for the lightning cable and find the port in my iPhone. And the wireless charging works through the Apple leather phone case I’m using, which is super convenient.

The camera: I love, love, love the camera. I haven’t taken a ton of serious photos with the phone this week (most of the week was spent in Dublin on business), but those I have, I’ve been really pleased with. The front facing camera seems better than on the 7Plus and now I can use portrait mode for even nicer (and posier) selfies. Exhibit A:


I also took a couple of shots while out for my run along the river last Sunday morning. The lighting was amazing, but I did the unthinkable and pointed the lens towards sunrise. I thought the effect was nice:




New gestures: I got used to not having a ‘home’ button surprisingly quickly. Figuring out all the new swipe gestures took a little longer, but by Monday evening I was a lot more comfortable with it all. Using Face ID to pay for things via Apple Pay was my first real test and it worked just fine. I think it’s safe to say I don’t miss the home button one bit.

The biggest surprise for me is how quickly I’ve become used to the smaller form factor. Moving from an iPhone 7 Plus was a bit of a shock – I’ve had three large handsets in a row and the iPhone X is smaller than any of them. And yet… picking up an iPhone 7 Plus now seems like going back in time.

It’s also been interesting to see people’s reactions when they see the phone in real life. Whether true or not, the perceived scarcity of the iPhone X means people are very interested in seeing one up close. The security guard at Dublin Airport enjoyed scanning my boarding pass at Fast Track yesterday evening and several clients noticed it on the desk while I was running workshops. I’m sure with time this will pass.

So, a very successful first week with the iPhone X. More thoughts and reflections as I have them.

7 comments on “One week in with the iPhone X

  1. Great photos. Looks as though you’re becoming remarkably proficient with your new device. Naked hugs!


  2. My 7 Plus is barely a year old, so I’m not going to dive in to the Ten, though I’d love to get my hands on it to have a look. What does the boss think of his?


    • He’s very impressed. Though he moved from the 7, not 7 Plus, so is getting used to a slightly bigger screen while I adapt to a smaller.


  3. I still have the 6s due to contract. I only wish that I had gone to the Plus at the time for my elderly eyes!


    • Sounds like you’ll be moving to a plus when it’s time to renew the contract? The 6s is a lovely size of handset though. I hope they don’t stop selling smaller handsets after this year. The plus size isn’t for everyone.


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