Unboxing the iPhone X

I promise I’ll write up a full review of my experiences with the iPhone X once I’ve used it for a few days, but first, here are some snaps I took last night.

My very, very preliminary observations are:

  • It feels great in the hand. Very high quality, very solid.
  • Face ID seems to work like magic.
  • The screen swipes that replace the home button are very intuitive
  • The screen itself is a thing of beauty

I’ll see how it gets me through a day of work and report back any news. But right now, I’m very impressed. The iPhone X is gorgeous.

3 comments on “Unboxing the iPhone X

  1. Enjoy your new toy! Naked hugs!

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  2. RedEaredRabbit

    I’ve been using mine since Friday. Agree with all of your initial impressions.

    I was worried about Face ID (especially after the keynote demo!) but it has worked perfectly for me. So quick and accurate you forget it’s there when unlocking. Another great use of it is when you have to log in on a webpage in Safari. It does a super quick Face ID and then automatically fills username and password. Very slick.

    Also, yeah – the screen is amazing.

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