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Some thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery

We’re five episodes into the first season of Star Trek: Discovery and it’s safe to say I’m hooked. It’s turned out to be a better show than I could have hoped for! With high production values (no wobbly sets or dodgy make-up), interesting characters and a fair bit of moral ambiguity, it makes for compelling viewing.

It’s my only must-see show of the week and Monday evenings are now set aside to drink up all the Star Trek goodness.

In no particular order, here are my observations so far:

I’m really intrigued by how the Klingons are portrayed in this series. They look so different to how we’ve seen them on the screen before. I’m not soaked enough in Star Trek lore to understand all the ins and outs of Klingon culture (and head ridges) but I’m hoping we’ll learn more about why they look the way they do.

I love the fact that no characters are safe. We’re five episodes in and I’ve counted at least two unexpected deaths so far. It’s not just the ‘Red Shirts’ who get it in this series and that’s refreshing.

The interaction between the main characters is superb. I’ve fallen in love with the neurotic and quite strange Lt. Saru and his interactions (and history) with Burnham. They’re both emotionally interesting, both quite reserved, but also adversaries in a sense.

I’m also loving the fact that we’re seeing a same-sex couple serving on the ship and they’re not token characters – they’re central to the story. And we actually see them show each other affection. Thank you, Star Trek, for catching up with the rest of society.


I’m looking forward to learning more about the enigmatic Captain Lorca, who appears to be as far from the stereotypical Starfleet Captain as possible. We know he’s had a tough time of things, he’s now carrying around a significant eye injury and he has one hell of a temper.

For the first time in my life, I can’t wait for Mondays!

7 comments on “Some thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery

  1. Re last comment. Star Trek has usually been in front of society. TOS during the height of the Cold War, American Civil Rights movement and so soon after the Pacific war had characters of Russian, African and Asian heritage in command positions….even a Scot!


  2. I’m four episodes in and really conflicted about it. Some elements I love but other elements I really dislike. I’m not sure what to make of it overall tbh 😛


  3. Oh gosh! Yes anything is better than Enterprise XD Voyager I quite liked but never watched consistently on TV… I’m catching up now thanks to Netflix 🙂 It’s quite hard for me to describe my view on Discovery… I’ll have to sit down and think to find the right words 😛 But there definitely is a lot I like about it… really good writing and the actors all commit to their characters 100%.

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  4. ethnicolor

    I remain optimistic about the series in itself, I just think it’s harder for a new TV series to survive a shaky first season. TNG was one of my most favourites of all time – it was great – but look at season one again, and it’s decidedly ropey. They took a while to develop the senior crew, possible even two seasons before it really got going. Is that “permissible” in today’s even-more-cut-throat TV world?

    I love Captain Don Draper, I like the first officer and science officer (I have no idea of any of the character names yet), and I really like the time in Federation history they are portraying.
    I love the way the Klingons are being portrayed – and Klingons are my least-favourite aspect of any Star Trek series. I even like Ensign Silly – she has a bit of gumption in her!

    Finally we have Trek acknowloging same-sex relationships, but the deliberate swearing? Nope, not good.

    I think it’ll be alright if they just stop taking themselves so seriously, and if they drop the dodgy story lines of monster-controlled spore drive. I’m all on for edgy, black-ops Starfleet activity, but they really stretched things too far with that one.

    Finally, I love the visual design: every aspect. The production values they can put in TV shows these days is incredible..

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    • I know exactly what you mean about TNG. When each episode of Discovery ends on Netflix, it auto-suggests the first series of TNG for me and I’m immediately brought back to just how terrible it was at first. And yet, it blossomed into an amazing TV experience. With time.

      And I hear you loud and clear about the cut-throat nature of TV these days. I’m hopeful it’ll be picked up for more than one season – fingers crossed!


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