Finally hit the 15km mark

My training for next month’s Royal Parks half-marathon continues. I’m missing tons of training time due to work travel and, this week, illness.

But I made sure I got back out on the streets this morning.

I managed 15km fairly well, though I’ll be honest – the final kilometre was a little tough due to blisters. Seems like they kick in at the 10km mark and while I’m loathe to get new trainers this close to a raise, I’m going to have to do something about it.

Too much information? We’ll skip the use of vaseline, then.

Anyway, it was sunny, cool and still. Perfect for a run by the river and then through a fairly quiet City of London. I enjoyed about 95% of it, which is great. That is, when I wasn’t avoiding cyclists on the pavement, various strategically-placed piles of dog shit and idiot tourists walking five abreast.

I honestly made the run harder for myself by listening to a hilarious podcast, when I should really have had some music going. This week’s ‘Do by Friday‘ was a cracker. I thoroughly recommend it – crass and offensive in all the right ways.

Next increase in distance will be up to 18km, which is where I tend to peak before a half-marathon. This means I’ll have go running while I’m in Dublin next week for business and while I’m in Japan for holidays.


This half-marathon seemed like such a good idea last month. But it’s all in aid of Epilepsy Action, so if you’d like to sponsor my run, you can do so via this link. Thank you!

  1. Keep up the good work, my blogging buddy! Naked hugs!



    1. Thanks! Gets easier (and more fun) with every run. 🙂

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      1. Your positive attitude helps, no doubt!



        1. It goes a very long way – that, plus the fact the cash is going to a good cause.

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