Half-Marathon Running

A half-marathon development

Yesterday afternoon, just before I left my office, I was emailed by the lovely team at Epilepsy Action, offering me a place in the upcoming Royal Parks half-marathon.


I’d put myself in the draw for race places directly with the race organisers several months ago, but was unsuccessful. So I gracefully accepted I wasn’t going to participate in my favourite London race.

So the offer of a place was accepted with both hands and I registered just as soon as I could click the link. Happy days! All I need to do is raise £300 in donations for this most excellent of charities. You can help me out by visiting my JustGiving Page – just £1 will help nudge me towards that goal.

Thanks in advance!

Having signed up for the race, I did a quick review of my calendar and did a double take. It’s ten weeks until race day, but I’m spending a number of these away from home – which makes training that bit more difficult.

I have a long weekend in Barcelona/Sitges coming up, followed by a week working in Dublin and then two and a half weeks in Japan. While I can easily see myself continuing to train while in Dublin, Japan is going to be a stretch. Especially considering how much I walk when I’m there normally (in excess of 20km a day, usually…).

So a bit of a plan is required.

I actually restarted my early morning 5km runs at the weekend and managed three in a row before taking a break yesterday morning. Back in the saddle at 6:30am this morning, I managed a plodding 8km. I’m blaming my gear – I overestimated how cool it was outside and was quickly far too warm in a long-sleeved top and long running leggings.

Back to the shorts tomorrow.


But it was the longest run I’ve done in a while, and it felt great. My mission is to gradually crank up the distance over the next few weeks and get back into my favourite training route around London before the end of the month. That way I can do some treadmill work in Japan in the various hotels we’re staying in during September and come back vaguely prepared for the October race.

Fingers crossed.

While I’m a little anxious about another half-marathon, I honestly know that I do love the training and I always enjoy the race – the Royal Parks half in particular. Raising money for an excellent cause is just a lovely bonus.

4 comments on “A half-marathon development

  1. Good for you! Congratulations on fulfilling your support of a genuinely worthy cause! Naked hugs!

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