Waking up to sunlight…

One of my (many) quirks is my preference to sleep with the curtains open. It’s definitely not an exhibitionist thing, a we’re barely overlooked here at home. And it’s really only applicable in the Spring and Summer.

It’s just that I just love being woken up by sunlight.

It’s gentler than any harsh alarm and wakes me up earlier too! I start the day in a better mood and feel more rested.

An added bonus, especially when traveling, is being able to look out at the night sky in another city as I drift off to sleep. I find both these scenarios incredibly relaxing.

I’m home alone this weekend (Frank prefers to keep the curtains closed) and the various blinds and curtains in our apartment have not been shut once. Yesterday evening, the lights remained off too, and I was able to see the flashes of light from other people’s TVs across the street and listen to neighbours enjoying some after-BBQ drinks in the garden.

After getting into bed. I watched the Canary Wharf skyline change colour as I drifted off to sleep, while listening to a podcast in the dark. It was so lovely.

I woke to brilliant sunshine early this morning. Slowly, over a few minutes – rather than as a result of a heart-stopping alarm.  No matter what the rest of the day holds, I’ve had a lovely start – padding around the apartment, putting laundry away, cleaning the kitchen and sipping some coffee. If I’d been ripped from my sleep by an alarm, I doubt anything would be done except the coffee.

I can’t be the only person who likes this, can I?

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