A quick run in the sun

I was hit by a strong need to skip the gym this morning, but instead get outside and go for a run. So after a suitable amount of time drinking coffee and doing various chores (and then procrastinating on the internet), I got into my running gear and headed outside.

It was gorgeous. About 18C and sunshine – just perfect for running, including a nice breeze by the river. I aimed to do just 5km, as it’s been a few weeks since my last run. And I know from experience how over-enthusiasm leads to very, very sore legs!

I ran from the top of Westferry Road, through Limehouse Marina and as far as the park in Wapping. And back. Almost 5.5km. But I was most pleased about my average pace: 5mins per km. Nice.

It’s been quite a while since my last half-marathon, but this morning I once again had the itch that needs scratching. I need a race to get in training for!

Time to do some research…

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