All change, please…

I’ve been giving it quite a bit of thought lately and have decided that this blog needs a bit of an upgrade. It needs more of a focus and if there’s one thing I write and think about a lot, it’s travel!

So, I’m going to refocus my writing here on my travel adventures (and, as noted in my last post, I have quite the backlog to address) and move older content about my personal life and hobbies elsewhere on WordPress. Once the latter is up and running, I’ll share a link so you can continue (if you wish) to follow the banalities of my life.

So, from now on, will be all about “Travel, Technology and too much food…” My other, as yet unnamed blog will cover all my geeky interests: film, tv, comics etc.

Hopefully this won’t be too disruptive for readers and will enable me to really get some focus behind my travel writing.

10 comments on “All change, please…

  1. ethnicolor

    I do believe you’re turning into your own network!

    A question sir; how do you have *time* to blog, given that you run your own business, travel all that you do, as well as deal with family, run a household, etc.?

    After I remove my job, commuting and chores from my Mon-Fri I have 2 hours per evening that has to suffice for catching up with my hubby, reading, watching, surfing, playing; basically doing anything non work-related. I can’t tell you how often I’ve started a travel blog and just given up, because I have maybe 3 hours per week, and perhaps a Saturday afternoon per month to sit down and write. Every other moment my attention is demanded, and there are no “quiet” moments at work during the working day.

    Do you get your writing done “in between” other daily tasks, or can you block time on a calendar over which you have *control* (ie. no interruptions from others)? What happens when you have time on the calendar to write, then The Boss says “let’s watch this”, “let’s do that” etc.?

    Clearly you’re managing, so how do you fit it all in?!


    • Oh that’s a really good question!! Often my intentions and the time available work out really well. I work on posts iteratively, scrubbing away when I get a little time – and only pressing “publish” when I’m happy. But as with the last week in Tokyo, I’m not short on content and ideas but very short on time and energy. So I make a list of the things I’d like to write about and then pick them off as time allows. I guess another factor is enjoyment – I really like writing and so try to do it as frequently as I can.

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  2. I look forward to reading both. Double the pleasure, double the fun! Naked hugs!


  3. I’ll happily read both! You’re one of my favourite bloggers to read 🙂

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  4. Banalities? Are you kidding??!

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