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Eurovision 2017: A plea for Portugal

So, my wishes came true. Portugal made it through the Eurovision semi-final earlier this week and now have a chance to win the final – started in just under an hour.

Here’s the thing.

Portugal, despite performing 49 times since joining the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964, have never won. They’ve never even made it into the top five at a single contest. I’ll be the first to admit that not every Portuguese entry has been a stunner, but come on…they’ve had some classics in there.

And tonight, Salvador Sobral will perform one of the best Portuguese contest entries for some time – “Amar pelos dois” – and it’s bloody brilliant.

Especially when compared to some of the songs/performances you’ll see this year. If you’re lucky enough to see the Eurovision in your country.

So, come on. Pick up that phone when voting starts and give Portugal your support. If only to avoid the musical abomination that is Romania from getting anywhere close to the top of the table.

I’m not even going to link to the Romanian entry. Suffice to say it includes both yodelling and rap.

Need convincing? Here’s Salvador in action on Tuesday evening, at the first semi-final.

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