The Apple Watch is the only thing keeping me in the Apple ecosystem

I’ve been watching developments over in Android land with some interest. No, I’m not about to jump ship (again!), abandoning all my Apple gadgets. But I’ve been watching how Android is quickly shaping up to be an excellent alternative to iOS.

So why wouldn’t I switch next time I upgrade my mobile phone?

My Apple Watch. Surprising, right?

Since getting my Apple Watch (I’m now on model number two!), I’ve grown to really appreciate its simplicity and power. I get select notifications when I want them. I track my fitness. I control my music while I’m out for a run. I use it to control Siri (okay, very occasionally, and even then, just to start timers for when I’m cooking. But still…)

As far as I can see, now that the Pebble has gone into the great gadget graveyard in the sky, there is no viable alternative to the Apple Watch. Apple have essentially cornered the smart watch market – an understandably small market, compared to that of mobile phones.

And when I consider what it would be like to move to Android and not have a smart watch, I quickly change my mind and hug my iPhone just a little bit closer.

That said, I’m not sticking with the iPhone because it’s the best phone on the market. I think that several Android phones can claim that title, not least of which is the Samsung S8 (no explosion jokes, please). When I look at the latest Samsung phone, I long for Apple to challenge their design principles and bring out a device with a smaller bezel. I want more screen, not a bigger handset.

So, rather than look over the fence at the (not necessarily) greener grass, I’ll pin my hopes on Apple surprising and delighting its fans this September, when they announce a new iPhone that takes the leap forward from the iPhone 6 that the iPhone 7 failed to achieve.

My iPhone 8 wish list?

Well, I’d love an even bigger screen, but with the same dimensions of the iPhone 7Plus.

Better battery life would be a win, though I’m not exactly suffering now, given the iPhone 7 Plus battery’s strength. I’m not longing for wireless charging, but wouldn’t say no – as long as it didn’t require me to buy even more dongels.

If we get an even bigger screen, I’d love if Apple made the Apple Pencil work with the iPhone. It seems like they’re missing a trick here. They’d probably need to launch a newer, slightly smaller version of the Pencil, but I’d queue for one! Add handwriting recognition to the Apple Notes app and you have a super productivity tool!

  1. stevemorton May 5, 2017 at 13:37

    A long long time ago now I loved using my Psion 5Mx, I still have two of them, both in working order as well. But they are not much use in this modern day and age. Kickstarter has thrown up some similar ‘small’ keyboard computers but none quite as elegant as the Psion.
    I like my iPhone too much I guess to want to try something else. I I’ve recently done the next best thing. I got a logitech bluetooth keyboard that slips in to my bag, comes with a small stand for the iphone and runs on an internal battery for about 2 months. Naturally I’m not using it all the time. But I’ve found it much more productive to use for notes and long messages.
    It is very similar to the iPad smart keyboard in the covering of the keys etc. They have added some dedicated iOS keys as well, which makes navigating apps from the keyboard quicker and you don’t need to use the screen too often!

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  2. RedEaredRabbit May 24, 2017 at 19:44

    I don’t think there is going to be an iPhone8 Plus. At least not at launch.

    Probably just one model, similar dimensions to iPhone7 but with an OLED screen that covers the entire front.

    Looking likely that the Touch ID sensor will move to the back of the device, which seems a bit crap but understandable.

    Apple Watch is great for health stuff. I don’t think third parties outside of this area have tapped the true potential yet. But sure they will over next year or two.



    1. You know, I think you’re right. I think Apple are going to dip their tow into the world of OLED and see how it goes. And moving the Touch ID sensor anywhere from the front will be a big departure – but they’ve probably done their homework and know exactly what they’re doing.

      I’m just as interested to see what gets announced in terms of iOS and watchOS at WWDC. There’s so much room for improvement in both.



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