Going out on a Eurovision limb…

I’ve been a pretty poor Eurovision fan this year. It was only the other day that I consciously sat down and had a look at this year’s entrants. Last year, I was blogging about the contents weeks in advance.

I’m losing my edge, obviously. Or perhaps running my own business means I have more to be doing than obsessing over a song contest.

Anyway, having had a run of the entries twice over (once just on Spotify, once on YouTube), I’m going to make my choice. My favourite song and performance this year is from…Portugal.

It’s an actual song, with an actual singer and it’s the only one whose melody I can remember hours later. It’s a lovely gentle song and stands apart from the trashy pop. Of which there is rather a lot this year.

Sadly, despite coming back again and again, Portugal have never won the Eurovision. Could 2017 be their year?

Given my ability to pick winners, I think I might have given poor Salvador the kiss of death. I’ve no doubt the contest will be won by an act I loathe and I’ll find myself shouting at the TV again and going to bed in a huff. After exploding on Twitter.

Would you believe I’m 41?


Anyway, here’s my favourite song of the 2017 runners and riders: Salvador Sobral from Portugal, singing “Amar Pelos Dois”.

  1. Its a great song and a genuine performance. I just hope the wardrobe department don’t get to him and make him over with sequins.

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    1. I really, really hope he does well. He deserves to shine in this year’s contest.



      1. I hope you put a bet on!!


      2. I’m afraid I didn’t 😕


      3. But I’m still delighted he won.

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  2. […] my wishes came true. Portugal made it through the Eurovision semi-final earlier this week and now have a chance to win […]



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