Spontaneous running joy!

Don’t ask me why. But somehow, I woke up before my alarm this morning. A full 30minutes earlier than planned. @TheFrankFlyer brought me my usual Nespresso in bed (bless ‘im!) and after a quick perusal of the new on my iPad, I found myself getting dressed.

In my running gear!

A quick glance at my watch revealed that it was just 6C outside, despite the glorious sunshine, so I opted for one of my long-sleeved running tops and my long running tights. Finishing the last dregs of my coffee, I felt a momentary urge to get back into bed, but fought it and pulled on my shoes.

Before I could question my motives, I raced downstairs and onto the pavement outside. And shivered. There was one hell of a nip in the air! And there’s only one way to deal with that – get moving!

After Sunday’s quick dash around the neighbourhood before the London Marathon kicked off, I was feeling pretty happy with my running. I’ve been getting physiotherapy on my left shoulder, having injured it finishing the Royal Parks Half-marathon in October. The pain got so bad, it basically prevented me from running at all for quite some time.

But I managed nearly 7km pain-free on Sunday and just over 6km this morning. All completed in wonderful sunshine with epic views over the Thames and London’s docklands. The photo above is of Shadwell Basin, in Wapping. I love the view of ‘big sky’ you get there, due to the absence of really tall buildings. My route took me all the way to Wapping and back, mindfully avoiding commuting cyclists and other runners.


Performance-wise, it was nothing to write home about, but it was pain-free and set me up for a very positive day of working in my home office.  At 5’30” per kilometer, I wasn’t breaking any records, but I was happy enough. No sprint finish – that was how I injured my shoulder – but a gentle slow down as I reached home.

As the mornings get brighter (and hopefully warmer) this is something I’d like to do more of. I have London’s best running venue (the Thames!) right on my doorstep and a work schedule I mostly control. The only thing preventing me is me and my faltering willpower.

And on that front, now that we’re back from Spain and its over-consumption, I’m back on a healthy diet and distinctly more moving about. I’ve already lost some of the weight I started the year with. I weighed a frankly gross 68.8kg on 2nd January. As of today, I’m 66.1kg. A paltry 2.7kg weight loss in four months!

And yet…still closer to my target weight of 60kg than I was when we started the year. I’ll just have to keep up the running, get plenty of sleep, cut down on the calories and spend more time on the beach. The latter is purely for my mental wellbeing, nothing physical about it.

4 comments on “Spontaneous running joy!

  1. Good for you! Good health is a priceless commodity! Naked hugs!

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  2. Good for you! I’ve been too cowardly to hit the streets lately. My running shoes look at me with judgement 😛

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  3. lifestylebyhannah

    Early morning runs are difficult but it feels so good getting your exercise done and dusted early! Great post.

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