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Setting up a perfect Saturday.

Yes, I know we’re only half-way through the day, but it’s shaping up to be rather perfect.

I woke up this morning after an epic sleep, feeling rather more human than I have all week. I worked my little ass off in Dublin on Thursday and Friday and, while I was delighted with the result, my arrival home last night consisted of walking in the door, stripping and falling into bed.

So I started today full of energy. After the necessary ablutions and ingesting of caffeine. we headed into the West End and I finally upgraded my business luggage to something I wasn’t embarrassed to haul from place to place. Yes, it was expensive, but it was definitely needed. And I’m nothing if not a luggage queen.

I now have a super-light, yet super-sturdy carry-on bag for trips within Europe and it is a thing of absolute beauty. It glides on the ground like its wheels are made of pure Kerrygold and I can lift it (empty) with my little finger.

I then upgraded my summer wardrobe by calling into the ever-dependable Uniqlo. I bought some clothes that actually don’t feature pictures of superheroes, leaving me feeling very mature altogether. Later, I’ll need to review what’s in my wardrobe and donate some of my more…ambitious clothing to charity.

Ambitious as in “You’re 41 now, Richard. Stop pretending you’re 21”.

That was followed (after some mild hyperventilating over how much I’d just spent at both Uniqlo and Rimowa) by a quick bite to eat at Yo! Sushi, where Frank and I reminisced about previous trips to Japan and how we’re looking forward to our next one.

We called into the Canary Wharf malls on our way home, only to find it was the annual fashion show-slash-massive-sale weekend and that they were giving out free prosecco.


Free. Prosecco.

You can’t pass up on that, right? So, two glasses of free fizz later, I find the pair of beach shoes I’ve been looking for for months. Ka-ching. Into the bag they go.

Later on, we’re going to see ‘Ghost in the Shell‘ and then chow down on some delicious Wagamama. I honestly can’t see how this very simple Saturday can get any better.

Shopping! Sushi! Sci-Fi! Today has it all and I’m very grateful.


Tomorrow, I get up at the crack to get to Heathrow and then fly to Barcelona for work, so I’m squeezing every ounce of fun I can get from today.

Because carpe diem and such.

5 comments on “Setting up a perfect Saturday.

  1. How the other ‘alf lives! A bit different to my 7am bike ride (more fresh air than you get on the tube!) into the Dales (south – not West – end), full Yorkshire breakfast (none of your fancy sushi bars up ‘ere!) next to the River Wharfe (our Wharfe has an ‘e’), washed down – not with cheap fizz – but a huge pot of Yorkshire Tea! Loads of ‘baas’ but they were from all the new-born lambs! Bet you didn’t see many of them in your old dockyards, cum fancy malls this morning!

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    • Love it! 😀 Fresh air was in short supply, but I’m hoping to get some tomorrow in Barcelona. No wildlife spotted here (aside from the usual feral pigeons). And very little exercise had, apart from 7.5km of wandering around town on foot.

      You have put me to shame! I’ll try harder next weekend… 😎

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  2. ethnicolor

    Good for you dude! I woke up at 6AM and immediately thought “I need more sleep” – have had headache all day, worked all day, and my to-do list is only growing. I wish I had know you were buying luggage – I would have directed you to Away Luggage – they will be my next upgrade!

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