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Bokan: Taking in Canary Wharf from above

While out for a walk around the Isle of Dogs in the Spring sunshine this afternoon, we stumbled across our new neighbour – Bokan, on the 38th floor of the Novotel on Marsh Wall.

I’m so glad I was persuaded to make the trip upstairs, both to check out the marvellous views over Canary Wharf and London, and for the chance to have a drink while sitting outside in the sun.

Possibly the first time I’ve managed to do so in London this year!

Bokan is spread over three floors: a bar, restaurant and roof terrace. We spent our couple of hours on the terrace, relaxing in the sunshine (coats on though, I’m not mad!) and taking snaps of our neighbourhood from new perspectives.

The view from the gents toilets is also spectacular, though I didn’t manage to get any snaps in there, for fear of sending out completely the wrong message to the other punters. But trust me, it’s worth a peek if you visit. Glass walls!


The terrace is super comfy, but also shielded from the worst of the wind by glass walls, which also let you admire the views. We’ll definitely be back to sample the menu, though I can say from today that their range of cocktails is impressive and Frank thoroughly enjoyed his ‘West Indiaman’.

Great to have a new venue so close by, but also one with such an unrivalled view over London.

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