Apple Watch

Missing my Apple Watch… 

In a sleep-deprived flurry of OMG this morning, I somehow left home without my Apple Watch.

I know, right? Talk about a First World Problem. Actually, someone did:

Anyway, as I waited for my DLR into town, I realised it was too late to go home to get it and hopped on the train without much more thought about it.

But wow – what a difference it made. I realise this evening that I’m a 100% Apple Watch devotee. I missed my notifications, I missed tracking my activity, I missed being able to (basically) check the time without getting my phone out of my pocket. Really, I lost count of the number of times I raised my wrist, only to be disappointed by the bare (if tanned) skin that I saw instead of a watch screen.

Effectively, by leaving it at home for a day, I moved from the hypothetical “How much do you really use your Apple Watch?” to the actual “I use it a lot and I miss it like hell.”

Panic over and it’s safely back on my wrist once more.

There’s probably a very deep philosophical point to be made about having to experience loss to know the value of something – I’m just still amazed I managed to walk out the front door without it.

And if that’s the worst thing that happens to me this week, then I’ll be a very, very lucky man.

5 comments on “Missing my Apple Watch… 

  1. .. and just after I had concluded that I didn’t really need an Apple Watch! I had been very tempted, even though I didn’t know anyone who wears one. On Saturday, I met an old friend who had received one for Christmas. He loves it! However, he told me not to bother unless I went for the stainless steel model (classier) and the sapphire glass (doesn’t scratch) and two straps (saving one for getting wet in the swimming pool). I’m not sure I can justify £700+ in the current uncertain economy. Anyway, I had an hour’s demo. He showed me where his car was parked (except it was 150 miles wrong!) and then he tried to use it as a remote camera (that didn’t work) and then showed how it constantly measures his blood pressure – or was it his pulse? (frightening anyway – he runs his own business, is overweight and always stressed!). No. Not for me!

    But then I read your post and am in two minds again! If something is so indispensable it must be worth another look!

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    • Ha! I tend not to recommend it to people as use cases are very individual and I’m definitely an outlier when it comes to tech. But really, having my text messages on my wrist, along with appointments, activity and weather (all at a glance) is incredibly useful. I also use it a LOT for tracking my exercise and it’s quite motivating. But I don’t think I’d spend £700 on one! I only upgraded as the newest one is waterproof, meaning I can wear it running in the rain, or take it into the pool/sea. I’d have a look at the apps you most use on your phone and ask yourself if getting information from them onto your watch face would be useful. At least, I think that’s a good start 🙂

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  2. Ha … loved reading this article. I’ve had a series 2 since Christmas. I’ve blogged some thoughts in this article here:


  3. I seriously appreciate your situation. When my battery died on my conventional watch, I felt like such a fool glancing down at my wrist all day long and seeing 6:48 a.m. It made for a VERY long day! LOL! Naked hugs!

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