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A Huel upgrade

Now that I’m back into a semblance of healthy eating (healthy for me, that is – I’m no saint, nor am I a puritan!) and eating drinking consuming Huel regularly, I decided to expand my Huel repertoire and try new combinations.

I’ve already identified a couple of combinations that I really like:

One mixing Huel with espresso and some almond milk, for a morning wake-me-up and caffeine-boost, which is also nice and filling. In warmer weather, I throw in some ice-cubes too.

It helps me avoid skipping breakfast, which is probably one of my unhealthiest habits.  I only seem to be able to eat breakfast when I’m on holidays and it’s in the form of an unlimited buffet. Hmm…

More recently, I’ve been adding matcha green tea to the mix, sometimes adding in a banana for a bit more substance. This is really tasty, but not sweet. I don’t really want to start the day with a milkshake!


Earlier this week, I ordered a couple of new(ish) Huel products: the Huel flavour system and the Huel bars.

I got the former to add a bit of variety to the Huel combinations and the latter as an on-the-go meal replacement for when I’m traveling for business and want to avoid greasy (but delicious) bacon rolls and croissants.

The Huel flavour pack


I opted for the chocolate version and it’s worked out very well. I’m actually sipping a Huel smoothie made with it right now. It takes very, very little of the mix to dd a lot of flavour to the drink. I made my first one with a full teaspoon of chocolate flavour to a 500ml drink and it was a bit over-powering.

Since then, I’ve added half a teaspoon and it’s a lot more manageable. I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth – I’m more a fan of the savoury, as food-related entries on this blog might indicate! – so if you do like your sweets, you may need to experiment to find the right mix.

I’ve actually found it to be more like a mocha flavour. It’s not a sweet, sweet chocolate, more like cocoa (non-sweetened), which suits my preferences perfectly. I can see this becoming a breakfast staple when I’m at home. Good job, Huel!

The Huel Bars


The bars arrived at the same time as the flavour pack, but I didn’t have any reason to eat one as I’ve been based at home all week. So yesterday afternoon, following a very early lunch, I decided to have one with a cup of coffee.

Each of the bars is 250 calories, so I don’t think they’re intended as regular snacks! The bars are also chocolate-flavoured, but as with the flavour packs, not overwhelmingly sweet. They are very, very dense. But in a good way. A small bite will take you a little while to chew and to swallow.

I was glad I had the coffee with me! It definitely helped. It took me about 30 minutes to finish the bar (while working at my desk and sipping coffee), which surprised me to be frank. I assumed I’d have to pace myself and avoid scoffing it down in seconds.

Maybe I’m making it sound more negative than it actually was. Asa meal replacement/addition, it does the job. It’s a very healthy option, it’s easy to transport and keep fresh and it’s incredibly filling. Surprisingly filling, in fact. Which is really why I got it in the first place.

Final verdict?

I’m really pleased with both purchases and will be buying more of the bars for sure. I think the flavour pack is going to last me some time, based on usage to date! Both mean I’m more likely to avoid snacking on something unhealthy and both contribute to keeping me pleasantly full.

Not the Christmas I-can’t-believe-I-ate-the-whole-thing full, but satisfied and no long hungry. Yet still able to stand up and move about. You know, like a healthy adult should.

And you know the benefit of eating something so simple for meals? When you sit down to a dinner made with fresh ingredients, every mouthful seems so much more delicious! And I eat less, as I’ve eaten appropriately throughout the day. Huel for the win!


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