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Huel keeping hunger at bay

Two days into my reformed ways for 2017 and food is never far from my mind. I’m back using Huel as a meal replacement and valuable source of vitamins and minerals. It makes for a great start to the day and keeps me really, really full.

Which in turn makes it super-easy to avoid snacking or binging. Which, to be fair, were my two favourite activities throughout December.

The photos above show the delicious smoothie I made yesterday, which included a banana, some Huel, almond milk and flavoured with Matcha green tea I brought back from Tokyo. It was the perfect post-run meal, especially as I can’t consume anything bar coffee before I go on a long run.

I’ve been thinking about traveling with Huel – as I travel a lot for work – and while bringing this powder along with me within the UK is easy enough, taking it on a plane is a potential headache I could do without. So I was pleased to read that they’ve launched Huel bars and have ordered a sample pack of 5 to give it a go.

I see them as the perfect alternative to unhealthy hotel breakfasts where all they have on offer are sugary cereals and buttery pastries. Each Huel bar contains 250 calories, which when combined with a couple of pieces of fruit and some coffee, will make for an excellent on-the-go breakfast for me.

But for the next couple of weeks at home, it’ll be Huel for breakfast and/or lunch and something normal but healthy for dinner. I’m tracking my eating in ‘My Fitness Pal’ to help me be more mindful and aware of what I’m consuming. It definitely helps me understand how those calories add up, but also makes it hard to avoid any accidents. Accidental Snickers bar? Yes, i’ve been known to in the past. As if it just fell into my mouth!

I’ll report back once I’ve experimented with the Huel bars. And no, before you ask, this isn’t the onset of an eating disorder. I’m going to have a perfectly normal chicken salad for dinner tonight. But unlike Christmas, it won’t come with stuffing, cake or Prosecco.

Baby steps…

2 comments on “Huel keeping hunger at bay

  1. Okay seriously… why do I keep wanting Prosecco after reading one of your posts?? XD

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  2. I agree that having to input everything into ‘My Fitness Pal’ is a great motivator for keeping on the straight and narrow. I put on nearly 4kg at the back end of 2016. Wrist injury has prevented me from playing tennis, mountain biking and all but the gentlest road biking. So I understand where you’re coming from. I’ll look at Huel but a bowl of porridge made only with water and a few blueberries and a banana added is my currently my healthy breakfast of choice. Good luck!

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