Christmas closedown…

Out-of-office notification is on. Bags are backed. Travel booked. I’m officially on Christmas holidays and not a moment too soon.

This time tomorrow, I’ll at my parents’ place in Scotland, busy eating them out of house and home, lying around on the couch and other soft furnishings and enjoying an open fire. It’ll be wall-to-wall seasonal food and drink, long lie-ins in the morning and at least twice my recommended calorie intake until I fly back to London.

I can’t wait.

Plus the fun of watching the kids open their Christmas presents, which @FrankDJS so carefully wrapped for me. (I did minimal wrapping this year – it’s my kryptonite. I’m completely useless at it and at this stage of my life, I’m admitting defeat and letting someone with more skill look after it).

So here’s hoping you have an enjoyable holiday, whatever form it takes where you live. And if your country or culture doesn’t celebrate Christmas, then please don’t be jealous of the thought of me lying down and eating chocolate for four solid days.

5 comments on “Christmas closedown…

  1. Merry Christmas! 🙂


  2. And to you and yourn! I hate wrapping presents–love BUYING and GIVING, tho!

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  3. ethnicolor

    Happy Christmas lads!

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