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2016 isn’t going quietly…

It really seems like 2016 is trying to push this world to the very edge before it takes its last gasp on 31st December.

The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey live on TV was shocking and brutal. And won’t be without its consequences.

I tell you what else: scrolling through twitter, I didn’t expect to see the video clip of his death be shared so openly. It’s pretty dark stuff. Once again for the slow learners at the back of the room:

Just because you can share something online to millions of people, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you should. How about a little more thought and a little less macabre over-sharing. 

Still, you can always rely on the Daily Hate to get to the heart of the matter. The assassin was wearing a suit and tie! Imagine that!

1 comment on “2016 isn’t going quietly…

  1. This has been a crazy 3 years and the last 6 months have been awful… I have to stay completely away from the news and I ABSOLUTELY unfollow anyone on Facebook, twitter, wordpress or instagram who feels the need to traumatize me and everyone who views their page with horrible news stories. Links, ok…but no graphic pictures and video….please…

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