Missing my sauna

Regular readers will know how much I like my sauna. Most saunas, actually. As long as they’re clean and not filled with sociopaths. I use the sauna in my apartment building at night, as it really helps me sleep. It’s also somewhere to think and reflect. Obviously, I can’t use technology in there – not unless I want to get burnt by red-hot metal and then have to deal with melting plastic.

(Now that would make for an interesting A&E  admissions file. “Patient received third-degree burns to the scrotum from the melted case of his iPad. Reported he would have moved the iPad sooner, but just couldn’t stop watching Westworld.“)

So I generally bring in a magazine or a newspaper to relax with. Nothing that actually burn me when it heats up. But mostly, it’s just me, my thoughts and the ticking and hissing of the sauna’s heater. And the odd neighbour. With the emphasis on odd. Mind you, given my antics in Stockholm the other week, I’m not one to comment on others’ sauna behaviour…

Sadly, last week, the boiler that feeds the sauna’s showers, the jacuzzi and the pool broke down, meaning no hot water down there. No problem for me, as I only ever have a cold shower and I’m not that bothered by not getting into the jacuzzi. Unfortunately, in a fit of over-zealous health and safety shenanigans, the management company that runs our building shut down the showers as well.

And you can’t have a sauna without showers.  Or easy access to an ice hole in the Baltic.

I’ve truly missed it. It’s really a cure for my wound up mind and body and relaxes me even more than a run. Far less effort, too!

I was away overnight for work on Wednesday night, staying in a gorgeous hotel outside of Cheltenham. In addition to a nice little gym it has a lovely spa with a super-hot sauna. Sadly, workload and fatigue overtook my plans to spend some quality time in there, so I settled for a bath. Before some Westworld.

Thankfully, only a week later, the boiler is once again up and running and access to the sauna’s showers has returned. Hurrah!

After a nourishing dinner of pizza (no, really) I’ll be heading down there with a clutch of Men’s Health magazines to while away a couple of hours. (Fact: by simply reading Men’s Health, you somehow become healthier. At least, that’s what I’m hoping, as I’ve had next to no exercise all week…)

And so that’s my tale of sauna woe. Almost over before it began. I hope your Friday evening is as full of razzmatazz as mine!

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