Sad to see Pebble go

I only caught up on this news last night. It seems Pebble, maker of the super-useful and low-cost smart-watches, is gone. It’s been bought by Fitbit and will no longer sell its watches.

Although I’m an Apple Watch user, I’ve owned a Pebble in the past. I loved it – the battery lasted for days and days (compared to the roughly 24 hours of an Apple Watch), was easy to use and the developer community was great!

There was something very simple and friendly about the Pebble watch. The interface was very simple to navigate and you didn’t feel like you could get anything too wrong. Great for when out running, a simple tap of a button moved your music forward or allowed you to check your time.

In comparison, the Apple Watch can feel a little overwhelming, especially to new users. It’s also a lot more expensive.

Having owned both, my ultimate smartwatch would be a combination of the Pebble’s durable battery and the Apple Watch’s seamless interface with the iPhone.

Given the shortage of Android Wear watches out there, and nothing new announced from Google in this space for a while, it looks like the Apple Watch is the sole survivor of the ‘Smartwatch Wars’, this year at least.

I don’t think that’s good at all. Apple needs a powerful competition in the market to keep them on their toes and maintain innovation and development of fringe products like this. Let’s face it, while a new laptop might be a necessity for some people, a new smartwatch will never be something you absolutely¬†need.

So. RIP Pebble. I look forward to seeing how your fun and accessible technology makes its way into the Fitbit eco-system.

5 comments on “Sad to see Pebble go

  1. RIP is right. I don’t expect Fitbit to capitalize on Pebbles technology since they have thrown half of it out and alienated the pebble user base. I expect Apple to obsolete the Pebble connection to the iPhone as soon as no one is around to fix it, and thus kill the product for half the users. I intend to enjoy my pebble while I can.


    • It’s really sad, isn’t it. I thought it was a great platform. And Apple needs competition and users need choice. It hasn’t worked out well for anyone, really.


  2. As a previous owner of the Ultra and then the One (or was it the other way around?) for some years, I was TORN about not getting and Apple Watch but the battery thing did me in for about 80% of my decision and then work saying ‘no’ to several of its functionalities pushed me over the edge for a Blaze upgrade.

    I LOVE that it’s simple. I don’t need any more than what it provides since I still regret not getting the 6s plus rather than 6s with my sight. -age

    I hope the Pebble acquisition helps Fitbit but doesn’t ‘ruin’ it by doing too much.

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    • There’s definitely a market for the simpler end of the smart watch continuum, especially where it provides excellent fitness data. I think Fitbit has this covered off.

      I wonder what they’ll do with the Pebble IP though, as the interface was so intuitive and ‘friendly’. There’s a great developer community for Pebble out there too, who could add a lot of value – if the sale hasn’t alienated them completely!

      As for iPhone versus Plus, I don’t think I could ever go back to a ‘normal’ model. Every time I pick up Frank’s iPhone 7, it feels like a toy in my hands. Big screen = happy me. And if the next model is even bigger, then so much the better!


      • I did expect for ‘apps’ or more faces/ customization to come with the Blaze & they seem to not be into that.

        If they upscale too much, work won’t allow me to have one.


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