How time flies…

My favourite journalling app, DayOne, reminded me this morning that it was four years ago today that I graduated from my doctoral programme in Occupational Psychology. It flagged up my photos from the day (including the one of me in my ridiculous graduation robes, below).

But really interestingly, it noted that it was five years ago today that I sat my viva exam. I had no idea until today that graduate was exactly one year after I passed my viva. How funny.

What’s less funny is that I still remember just how stressful the run-up to that exam was. Of course, I’d caused all my own stress, playing out various disasters in my mind. Including, naturally, the scenario that the examiners would laugh in my face, through my dissertation at me and order me off campus for crimes against the science of psychology.

Of course, they didn’t. I got a grilling alright, but somehow I was able to answer their questions with sufficient fluency. Sufficient to pass with just minor edits to my submitted thesis.

And that is all a long-winded way of pointing out just how useful an app like DayOne is.

The automated reminders of what I’ve been up to in the past, along with the associated photos, give me interesting (and sometimes amusing) insights into how life is going and how my perception of events changes with time.

Today was just one example of many, but it stands out as a major life milestone for me. One I couldn’t have achieved without the support and love of my family and friends. Especially @FrankDJS.

And it got me thinking of how I’ll look back on today in four or five years’ time.

2 comments on “How time flies…

  1. It seems much longer but look how proud!

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