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A musical pal

On my way back from Cheltenham on Friday night, I passed though Paddington Station (which, bizarrely, now seems to smell almost permanently of burnt cooking oil and chips…). Stink and slightly drunk Friday night commuters aside, I was surprised to find a brass band performing at the end of one of the platforms!

They were from one of the railway companies and consisted of employees playing a selection of well-known tunes. The band attracted quite a crowd and as I got closer, I discovered why so many of my fellow commuters were leaning in to take photos with their smartphones.

One of the trumpet players was accompanied by a little friend, sat patiently next to him and watching everything else going on in the busy station.


He had the air of a dog who has seen a few concerts in his time and was very happy to be photographed. He didn’t budge from the towel he sat on (presumably to save him from the cold floor tiles) and looked up at each person taking his photo.

After I took a couple of pics of the little fellow, (I’m a complete and utter sucker for a cute dog), I stood back to enjoy the music for a few minutes. I noticed how so many others had gathered around, not just to look at the dog, but to enjoy the music. Smiles everywhere and a lovely feeling of shared enjoyment and positivity.

A few moments on Google revealed that they were the Great Western Railway Band, who play at Paddington every Friday evening. As a non-communter, I’m lucky not to have to pass through Paddington at 9pm on a Friday night. But if I were, I know I’d enjoy listening to this band and the positivity they created in the station.

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