An iOS 10 headache

Now, you can tell me I only have myself to blame, but I tried to update my iOS devices as soon as the iOS 10 update became available from Apple yesterday evening.

My iPad Pro 9.7″ updated smoothly and easily. I haven’t gone through all the details, but with a couple of hours’ use, I can say that I like iOS 10 on the iPad. It actually seems snappier and more responsive.

My iPhone 6s plus, on the other hand, was bricked by the over-the-air update. And I wasn’t alone. A quick look on Twitter highlighted that people all over the place were looking at their iPhones with the same mix of anger, frustration and shock.

Apple released a statement saying they’d noted the error, but for me, it was too late.

Cue several hours trying to update the phone, or even get it back into some semblance of working condition. I finally got it working four hours later – most of that time was spent trying to download software via iTunes. An app I rarely, if ever, open these days.

I never connect my iOS devices to iTunes unless it’s absolutely necessary. Back-ups are done over the air, everything important is in the cloud and there’s nothing mission-critical on either device that isn’t backed up somewhere else.

The iTunes experience with my iPhone just served to remind me what a bloated, outdated piece of crap the application is. I actually ended up completing the iOS update over-the-air again, as iTunes kept crashing.

The phone is working just fine now, but that was a colossal waste of my time. So much for “It just works”. It doesn’t.

Twitter was awash with helpful advice from tech writers but also quite a bit of schadenfreude from aficionados who pointed out “this happens every time” and “you have to be mental to update iOS on day one”. Not helpful, guys.

If the update is available on a given day, are we supposed to engage in some kind of ‘cargo cult’ mentality, cross our fingers and wait an arbitrary amount of time before it’s ‘safe’ to update? O should we trust the company that released the software update?r

I was super-keen to get iOS 10 on my devices as I think it’s a great advance for the platform. The shoddy update process left a really bitter taste in my mouth and I’d encourage Apple to think twice before releasing macOS Sierra next week. I won’t be updating my Macbook and iMac on day one – I couldn’t bare a similar experience.

The next Apple update will be treated with extreme caution. Which is a shame.

On a related note, I’m waiting for the delivery of my new iPhone 7 Plus. I’m expecting it in about a week. Much of the noise around its launch concerned the removal of the headphone jack and Apple spoke about the bravery involved in moving to a wireless future.

It would be nice if they could make this wireless future a reality when it comes to OS updates, removing iTunes from the equation completely. I dread to think what I’d have done if I was nowhere near my Macbook or iMac.

5 comments on “An iOS 10 headache

  1. Sounds as if you (and many others) had a torrid time, although not everyone had problems. I updated my 6S Plus at 6.30pm (UK BST) on home wi-fi without any issues. I was back on the air by 7pm. I’m always a bit anxious though and always take a full back-up to iTunes on my MacPro before I start. There’s something about the cloud (any cloud!) that I still don’t quite trust 100%!

    No need to update my iPad2 though. IOS 9.3 is the last upgrade for her!


    • Glad it went smoothly for you! Seems to have been those of us who jumped on it in the first few mins after 6pm. Oh well, it’s sorted now. I wonder what I’d have done if I was away from a computer though. Nightmare!


  2. I had space issues with my (adorable) 16GB iPhone 6. Bear in mind it’s in the beta program and has been updating fine for weeks. When I pushed the full iOS 10 on to it, the installer noted the lack of space and pointed out the apps it could temporarily remove to allow the upgrade.
    “Great!” ses I, and off it went, to crash out with 3 minutes left to download – “Not enough space…”
    “Feck!” ses I, wiped out more apps, and while it was downloading I cleared it down to 2GB free (it wanted 1.79)
    And then, with just 3 minutes to go again; “Not enough space…”
    I had to come back to it later, freed up about 5 GB and let it roll, at which it upgraded fine. I remember the iOS 9 installation was well able to handle the temporary removal of apps to allow the upgrade. It just didn’t happen well this time.

    Watch OS just didn’t look like it was going to happen at all. I tried and tried from 18:00GMT until at midnight I found some tweets recommending looking for beta profiles *on the watch* and removing them. I had done so for the phone but not the watch. As soon as I did that, the upgrade began. Took a good 3 hours.

    My sister’s WatchOS upgrade got stuck on “verifying”. Took a few hours to sort out – in the end we had to unpair her watch and phone – that seemed to break the loop it was in.

    All in all I’d say it was my worse iOS upgrade experience to date, as previous upgrades have been fine.

    Meanwhile my new iPhone 7 Plus case is staring at me going “Well? Where’s my phone?”

    September stress!

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