Great timing! Missing another Apple product announcement…

I’m once again going to miss the Apple iPhone announcement this evening, as I’ll be on a train back to London from Nottingham (the glamour!). I’ll have to make do with following the proceedings via twitter and hoping that my excited gasps don’t annoy too many of my fellow passengers.

Bad planning on my part, especially as the Apple Keynote was in my diary long before this meeting in Nottingham. But needs must in the world of business. And I can always watch the keynote on time-delay when I get home tonight.

That will give me time to check my bank balance to see how much Apple technology I can actually afford to buy this month! (And what can be sold to make up the difference…)

There are a ton of sources to follow along this evening, including:

See you on the other side!

5 comments on “Great timing! Missing another Apple product announcement…

  1. Strange? I’m sure I read somewhere that you had deserted Apple and were now an Android convert….!!


    • I am somewhat ambidextrous in that regard 😀 Still using my Android devices but intrigued by what Apple will announce this evening. Let’s see what happens…


  2. ethnicolor

    Where do you sell your old kit? EBay? Apple announced they are extending the “new device a year” program to the UK.


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