Here come the shiny new Apple gadgets!


By this time tomorrow, I’ll have gorged myself on all the juicy details from Apple’s event, pored over the blog posts, zoomed in on all the photos and decided if any of it is of interest to me.

I mean, I’ll be interested in it all, but I won’t be buying it all. My iPhone 6s Plus is most definitely the best phone I’ve ever bought and with the addition of the upcoming iOS 10, it’ll surely be even better. What could an iPhone 7 (or whatever it’s called) do that would justify giving Apple even more of my money?

(Let’s be honest for a moment. I think we all know there’s a very high probability of me getting the new iPhone, but do bear with me while I go through this annual exercise of protesting that I won’t hand over my cash just as fast as Apple can take it).

I’d love a bigger screen, but that doesn’t look likely. I’d love if it worked with the Apple Pencil. Again, not that likely. More storage is always welcome and since Apple never went in for SD cards, the rumour that it’ll come with a 256GB model is most welcome. The rumour of a missing audio jack is less appealing.


Putting aside the inevitability of my future purchase, I have to wonder: are we reaching “peak iPhone”? Not in terms of sales, but more in terms of what a phone can actually do. It’s come on leaps and bounds since it was launched, but I don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed a slowing down in shock-level innovation.

I’d love to be proved wrong tomorrow evening, all the same.

I’m really looking forward to getting iOS10 on my phone and iPad though. It looks great and, if they follow through on their promises about Siri, I might actually start using it more regularly. I stopped using Apple Music some time ago, preferring to use Spotify, which comes free with my mobile phone contract. I’m unsure if any improvements will bring me back, but I’m willing to give it a go.

Any improvement to watchOS will be very, very welcome. All the reviews of the beta that I’ve read describes it as being incredibly faster, and that’s even before we’ve seen an Apple Watch 2 – which may also arrive tomorrow. I really like my Apple Watch, but sometimes the wait for it to respond or to activate apps is infuriating. Here’s hoping for a little more zip.

I’ll hold off on an upgrade to macOS Sierra, until the various bugs have been identified and zapped. I really can’t do without my laptop during a standard working week. Upgrading the OS, when every other upgrade in history has come with various issues, is not the best of ideas.

Tomorrow’s event will hold some surprises. I can’t wait to see what Apple are up to with health, home and fitness. And if they do launch a 6-inch iPhone with its own Apple Pencil, then you’ll be picking me up off the floor.

4 comments on “Here come the shiny new Apple gadgets!

  1. ethnicolor

    Well – it’s all over now! Some nice new Appley-shineyness, and I’m due an upgrade in September, so I will be iPhone 7’ing, and as the camera is a major element for me I may well go to 7 Plus.

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    • Sounds good! If you’re due an upgrade then go for it. I’ve enjoyed using the Plus model and don’t think I could go back to something smaller now. I’m very interested in a new, faster, waterproof watch. Just not sure I need a new phone, especially one without an audio jack 😬 Pre-orders start tomorrow morning, so I have a day to think it over… What are your thoughts on the audio jack shenanigans?

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      • ethnicolor

        Watching some of those slick engineering CAD-type animations last night, it seemed that the Taptic engine now occupies the space 3.5 jack used to run right through. I use CarPlay and my Jaybirds so much now I don’t often plug in the 3.5 ‘phones any more.

        That said, Phil Schiller’s “courage” notion was odd; there was half a dozen different reasons Apple could have cited for dropping the jack, why “courage”, exactly?

        At the end of the day I don’t care if wired headphones are plugged into the Lightning port or 3.5 jack – doesn’t affect me!


        • I agree, the reference to ‘courage’ was a little odd. A bit icky. No need to reference it at all. I’m sure I’ll get used to the change at some point. I’ve just found it so hard to get headphones I really like and now it’s time to start looking again. Hopefully Bose come out with an updated version of the ones I have and the impact on my listening pleasure will be minimal 😉


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