Getting comfortable with 17km

I went for another long run this morning, from Canary Wharf over to Green Park again. All part of my preparation for October’s Royal Park’s Half-marathon (you’re getting so bored hearing about this, I just know it!).

Anyway, I was a little bit slower this morning, partly due to some pretty horrific insomnia last night (heat-induced, I’m sure) and because the newly-updated Nike+ app insists on giving my progress updates every half-mile, not half-kilometre. Because the updates are more infrequent, this keeps me wondering if it’s tracking me (silly, I know) and makes it more difficult to estimate my progress.

I can’t help it – I think, and run, in kilometres. Not miles.


Hopefully the next update to the app will fix this. Bizarrely, I was actually faster on the last three miles than on any of the previous. And it’s when I hit Baker street that I think I got into a nice, consistent running rhythm. I’m actually really getting to enjoy the run between Islington and Edgeware Road, despite having to negotiate the traffic around King’s Cross. Pedestrians, bikes and cars!

It was very enjoyable though and I finished up in Starbucks by Green Park tube, ordering myself a ma-hoosive lemon and lime refresha. Just what my parched body wanted.

This is all in aid of Epilepsy Action and I got my running vest for the race from them the other day. They’ve updated the design and I love it! It should make me easier to spot in the crowd. 😜


I’m still wondering how much running I’ll get done in Barcelona and Sitges this weekend. I mean, it’s definitely very hot over there. But can I really miss out on some quality time on Platja de Balmins and instead hoof it around town looking really out of place while everyone else is chilling out?

2016-05-01 11.30.33

I guess I’ll have to, at some point. So if that has drawn even a shred of empathy from you, be a good sort and throw a pound or a euro towards my fundraising pot. I’m at 78% of target and really keen to hit it before the race itself.

My next long London run will repeat the above, but continue past Green Park and take me down to Waterloo, where I’ll get the tube home. It’s about 20km all in and I’m really looking forward to it.

4 comments on “Getting comfortable with 17km

  1. That’s an impressive distance. Good luck with your next run!

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  2. The Marriage Maze

    You definitely shouldn’t be running on holiday! Enjoy your trip – plus the half is next weekend now, so not long at all! I’m also running the royal parks half and my training runs have kind of fallen flat – so I’m probably not the best influence on this topic 😉 but good luck next weekend!


    • Thanks!! Haven’t run while here in Barcelona and Sitges. Probably a couple of short, easy runs early next week. But yes, it’s a matter of days now – so if I’m not ready now, I never will be!!

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