Wholesome family viewing…


After thoroughly enjoying the BBC Proms Gershwin concert on TV, I headed to bed with plans to explore Netflix and start something new.

For whatever reason, I ended up starting to watch ‘American Horror Story’, which was indescribably creepy and, at the same time, something I just couldn’t stop watching. It’s so much more than the traditional haunted house or bogeyman story.

Yes, there’s a house where terrible things have happened in the past. Yes, there’s a new family who move in for a fresh start. But the neighbours are also creepy as fuck and the family themselves are far from likeable. It’s not a simple ghost-and-or-slasher story.

Some nicely executed flashbacks fill in just enough backstory to keep you wondering what the hell is going on in the present.Lightning-fast cuts mean you can’t really look away from the screen without missing something important or symbolic.

Jessica Lange is a stand out in the cast. She plays the next-door neighbour, effortlessly exuding a combination of threat, evil, casual bigotry and hinted-at power and malevolence. And, as ever, there’s an annoying teenage daughter who won’t follow instructions and gets herself into trouble.

The great news for me is that there are six seasons of this show to go. Hopefully it’ll keep up the quality and fright-factor.

On the other hand, why I started to watch this while home alone all weekend frankly baffles me. When I eventually did turn it off, it was just a matter of minutes before I was out of bed, checking I’d locked the front door.

I’m so impressionable…

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