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Overdoing it on the BBQ front

A snap from my *last* visit to the Big Easy – note the pre-meal smile and confidence…

We went for brunch with friends to the local ‘Big Easy‘ here in Canary Wharf yesterday. And, true to form, I was attracted to the unlimited BBQ deal they offer. Unlimited puled pork, ribs, BBQ beans and roast chicken, plus drinks, for £30.

Hard to say no to that, really.

But this time, I was sharing the table with even more of a professional eater and I’m afraid that competition got the better of me. I ate more for that branch than I ever have before. Talking somehow didn’t get in the way – and we had a lot to catch up on. I didn’t even pause to take any photos of the food. Amazing, I know.

The result?

Well, an agonising walk home, a total collapse into my arm chair and straight to sleep. A food coma, if you will. I had the meat sweats. I felt like I was jet-lagged, far too full of food and really unable to do anything. It was like Christmas all over again…

A few hours later, I managed a walk around the neighbourhood in the evening sun. But even though we stopped eating at 1pm, I didn’t have any dinner. Still full.

Normally, @FrankDJS is my cue to stop eating. He’s not a fan of the unlimited deals, really. But I got stuck in a ‘re-order some pork!’ mode and the staff were only too happy to oblige.

Don’t get me wrong: it was a delicious meal and the service was great. I just had the equivalent of two and a half meals in one sitting. Normal service almost resumed today, but it seemed my body needed more time to come to terms with the calorific intake. I slept until 0930 this morning!

Now I’m itching for a run…

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