Blogging Evernote’s back!

You may recall I got very excited by a start-up called come time ago. Simply put, their USP was taking your simple Evernote notes and turning them into a simple blog. Just tag a note as ‘published’ and it appeared as a new blog post.


I quickly fell in love with it, due to its simplicity, its tight integration with Evernote (one of my favourite apps of all time) and how I could quickly write in Markdown.

There was no simple way to import blog posts from another platform, so I went as far as to manually copy and paste a whole hunch of old WordPress posts (from, I think, this blog, two versions ago) into Evernote and then tidy them up with Markdown.

I was entranced.

But then, it stuttered. And basically died. I consistently got formatting errors, which only became apparent after publishing. They took away integration with Twitter and Tumblr. They removed the free level. And then they simply stopped responding to Tweets and emails.

I was convinced it, like so many start-ups before them, had gone the way of the dodo. And so I forgot all about

But just a few short days ago, a message from attempted to clear the air, tell their side of the (pretty sad) story and announce that improvements were on the way. Responses were mixed, but largely favourable. And exciting. I think people genuinely want this platform to succeed.

Today, they shared their plans for this month’s updates. Just what most users wanted: more insight into what was actually going on! It will be interesting to see how the platform is improved, simplified and stabilised over the coming months.

As for me, I’m still thinking of what I could use for. I still have a single blog over there – – and it still has a few posts, some going back to 2013. I ‘unpublished’ most of them once I set up this WordPress blog. And while hosted WordPress is simple, is simplicity itself. Much easier for spur of the moment posts – you just type into Evernote and tag it ‘published’.

And yet, it’s just one more blog to maintain. One more blog where I might over-share. One more place where I’ll wonder if anyone is actually reading what I write. Due to Markdown, it’s not great for sharing images. And right now, it’s still bit glitchy when it comes to the different versions of Evernote (iOS, web, MacOS).

So while it’s highly unlikely I’ll abandon WordPress wholesale, I am going to continue tinkering with, simply to see how it goes in the coming months.

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