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HyperJapan 2016: cosplay and food galore!

We spent a few delightful hours at HyperJapan in London this afternoon. A flurry of cosplay, Japanese music, Japanese food, more cosplay and some more food. Pretty much like every visit to HyperJapan ever.

Highlights for me were the delicious Takoyaki (octopus balls), despite almost burning my mouth off when trying to stuff them down my throat. Punishment for my gluttony, no doubt. This was followed in short order by a half-gallon (or so it seemed) of matcha tea latte with tapioca pearls and then a superb portion of matcha ice-cream.

The latter came from Softserve Society, who I was delighted to find out are opening an outlet at BoxPark in Shoreditch. I’ll definitely be paying them a visit in the near future – the ice-cream was fantastic.

Here’s a short video walk-through I took while wandering about. Apologies in advance for the quality – I was walking, while trying to avoid tripping over the many cosplayers who were lying around on the floor.


3 comments on “HyperJapan 2016: cosplay and food galore!

  1. It looks fantastic! I’m getting ready to set off there today – can’t wait : ) Great video btw!

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