The morning after

After my epic fall while running yesterday, I had to deal with the fallout last night and this morning. Last night, my elbow kept me awake – I kept rolling over on it, movements which were quickly followed by eye-opening pain. So, not much sleep.

This morning, my alarm went off and I eased myself up into a sitting position, using my ‘working’ elbow. The injured one looks appalling – bruised to hell and missing a significant amount of skin. No photos to share – it’s too gross. I kept it super clean yesterday, cleaning it again before going to bed. The pain from the wound has been joined by a muscular / joint stiffness. There’s just no way of sitting comfortably with it.

Today’s train journey to Bristol is going to be a joy!

Thankfully, my knees are okay – despite the clattering they received from the pavement. Slightly bruised, but not too painful. But my big toe has started to bruise and stiffen up. I’m hoping it’s not broken, but to be fair, I don’t think there’s much you can do with a broken toe away. It’s not like it’s my arm.

I actually feel like I’ve overdone it in the gym – lots of muscle aches all over, but nothing too serious. I discover new pains every time I reach for something or bend over. Painkillers and slow, gentle movement will be my friends today.

So I’m moving gingerly, careful to avoid banging into anything even remotely firm in the apartment. I’d love to be back up and running later this week, but will listen to my body before hitting the streets.

Right now, I’m concentrating on finishing my coffee and bracing myself for the inevitable pain of the shower! Though nothing – absolutely nothing – can compare to the pain I felt when cleaning my elbow wound with some antiseptic wipes.

What is it about the sharp sting from antiseptic that hurts so much?!

I’m still thanking my lucky stars I didn’t bang my head or damage my face in the fall. I know just how susceptible the brain is to damage from even middling trauma to the head. And my brain is dysfunctional enough as it is! And as for my face, while I’m not a model or particularly vain, I didn’t fancy having to explain very obvious facial injuries to a group of clients all week!

Anyway, if this tale of woe has dredged up any sympathy for me, you can make yourself feel better by throwing a couple of pounds towards my fundraising target for this year’s Royal Parks half-marathon. It’s the reason I was out running yesterday in the first place!

I’m running to raise money for Epilepsy Action. As someone living with epilepsy, I can attest to the great work they do. So, if you’re feeling generous – or even sympathetic –  click here to sponsor my run and donate some much-needed cash to this worthwhile charity.

1 comment on “The morning after

  1. I’ve always consoled myself (and others whose wounds I’ve helped treat) with the rather fanciful idea that the pain of the antiseptic meant that germs were being killed, and that I was feeling -their- death throes. Hope you feel better soon!

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