People are assholes, Part 467

So I went out for a long overdue training run this morning. Managing a decent pace, I was hoping to do about 15km. I’d had a great night’s sleep, was full of the requisite amount of coffee and raring to go.

All went well until I got to Commercial Road. I was busy avoiding the copious amounts of dog shit and abandoned pizza boxes on the pavement when I tripped on a loose paving stone. I was going at a fair speed, so staying upright was a real challenge.

I threw my arms out in front of me and hit the ground with an audible “thwack!”, skidding along on my right side. I managed to prevent my head (and face!) making contact with the pavement, but took a lump out of my right elbow doing so. I also skinned my right knee, hurt both my wrists from the impact and have really hurt the big toe on my right foot.ย 

The worst bit of this entire story is the fact that nobody around me stopped for even a moment to see if I was okay. A couple looked in my direction as I sat on the ground, gathering my wits. The quickly kept walking away. A group of teenagers had to effectively step over to me keep going. They didn’t miss a beat.

I pulled myself into a standing position and leant against a wall. My heart was really thumping and I was shaking from fright. After a few minutes, I just picked up where I left off and continued to run. But about five minutes later, the shock subsided and the pain kicked in. I noticed the blood streaming down my right forearm and the pain in my toe flared from dull roar to screaming agony.

I had to slow down. In hindsight, I could easily have hopped on the tube and come home, but I wasn’t thinking straight. I felt a mixture of embarrassment having sprawled across the pavement the way I did, combined with anger that nobody could give two fucks about me lying there. And I was lying. Completely prone, on my right hand side. In the middle of the pavement.

I slowed right down and jogged all the way home. Breaking out the first aid kid, I saw stars as I applied antiseptic wipes to the worst of it, then took a shower. I was more concerned about infection after making contact with the pavement in Whitechapel! It’s disgusting.

A couple of hours later and the ache has set in. My toe, while throbbing, doesn’t look swollen or bruised. I’m limping uncomfortably, but can’t stop – there’s too much to be done today. I’m working away from home all next week and really hoped I could get some longer runs done in the evening, as it’s only three months until the Royal Parks Half-marathon! I’ll have to see how my toe and ankle (steadily stiffening up) behave. I’ve just finished running some local errands and rewarding myself with some coffee. Then back home and feet up for a few hours.

Only the pharmacist in Boots restored my faith in humanity when I went in to buy a dressing for my elbow.

The moral of the story? Don’t run along the street in filthy neighbourhoods like Whitechapel.

Ugh. Also, ouch.

8 comments on “People are assholes, Part 467

  1. ethnicolor

    That’s bad luck, sir, and fits in to my ideas of how the social side of our civilisation is going in a very odd direction; or am I just turning into a grumpy old man? In any case, take care of your injuries – it’ll be sore tomorrow.


    • Thanks. Still can’t believe they all walked past. I’ve stopped for cyclists falling off their bikes and numerous women struggling with buggies on the tube. I couldn’t see myself walking past someone bleeding in the street.

      And yes, it’s getting more painful and stiff as the day goes on. Will rest up this evening – off to Bristol for work tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. I sympathise. I run along streets in a rough area and constantly have to avoid loitering groups just hanging out on the street and yelling insults at anyone who passes by. It sucks that we live in such a cold world. I hope your injury gets better soon. Take care : )


    • Thanks Fed! It’s made me rethink where I actually go running from now on. Hoping the ankle and toe are better soon, as I want to go running later this week. But right now, I’m limping like a pirate!!

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      • My only recommendation got an alternative run would be in a gym. As much as possible, I try to run at my gym as it’s much safer. Alas, it’s hard to recommend as even the cheapest gym is still more expensive than running outdoors ๐Ÿ˜›


        • Oh, I can find much nicer places to run that Whitechapel! Just wanted to shake things up a little. And we have a gym in our apartment building, but there’s a lot of competition for the treadmill ๐Ÿ™‚ I try to use it only when the weather is really bad. otherwise, I do my best to get outside.

          Am chalking it up to experience and realising that on another day, in another part of town, people would probably have helped out. Luck of the draw.

          Onwards and upwards! ๐Ÿ™‚

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