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Brunch and shopping

Combined my two favourite pastimes earlier this morning: food and shopping. We walked from Canary Wharf up to Spitalfields Market and made a bee-line for The Diner. No breakfast, plus a walk in the muggy heat had us both hungry and thirsty.

I fear I may have gone overboard with the order, as the photos above illustrate. Had a gorgeous buttermilk fried chicken burger accompanied by chilli cheese fries. Either would have been sufficient. Both were superb.

I am indeed a greedy little hobbit.

After that, I managed (somehow) to spend nearly £8 on some baklava. It better be the best goddamned baklava in Europe for that price. No wonder they didn’t label it. I only found out how much it was after she’d weighed and boxed it.

And then @FrankDJS fed my stationery addiction by buying me a neat little A4 plastic document folder from Japan.

We also swung by the Boxpark in Shoreditch before getting the Overground home. I came very close to buying a delightful backpack from FjallRaven, but just couldn’t justify the cost. I’ve agreed (with myself) that I’ll eBay a couple of my existing backpacks before I buy another one. It would be perfect for our trip to Japan later in the year. But I’m starting a strict ‘one in, one out’ policy on bags. We just don’t have the room!

We got caught in a thunderous downpour on our walk back from the tube, leaving me soaked and still unable to run – being full of brunch. Still, it’s only water and it gave me an excuse to get out of my wet clothes and slide into my sweatpants.

Where I’ll remain for the rest of the weekend…

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