Regent’s run

We popped out on the Bromptons again yesterday, this time heading up the Regent’s Canal as far as Victoria Park and back.

Victoria Park was mobbed with other cyclists, runners, walkers and random toddlers who seemed determined to walk in front of someone. And there were the dogs! Victoria Park is beautiful, but as soon as the sun comes out, it can turn into a bit of an obstacle course for anyone moving fast than walking pace.

Good thing the Brompton is a nippy and very manoeuvrable bike! But no real opportunity to take photos in the park. Which is a shame, as there was so much going on. Picnics, live music, cricket and football.

Once we got back to Canary Wharf, our psychic connection meant that we pulled in next to 28 West at exactly the same time – thinking only one thing: “Drink!” The cycle had been thirsty work and the bar had outdoor seating with excellent views out onto the Thames.

One frosty pint of Diet Coke later, we were on our way home and after a bit of Brompton folding practice outside, brought the bikes back up into the apartment. Where they now live in our hallway closet, safely covered in bike bags.

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