Eurovision semi-final two: reflections

If I’m honest, I’m pretty disappointed with the results of last night’s second Eurovision semi-final in Stockholm. I thought some of the great songs I’ve grown to like in the last few weeks were a virtual shoe-in for the final. I was sure of the other would bomb.

Boy was I wrong.

It seems like Europe’s voters are fans of intense and angst-ridden music right now. How else can you explain the success of Ukraine, Serbia and Georgia? And why didn’t a really talented singer like Macedonia’s Kaliopi qualify?

To add insult to injury, Ireland didn’t qualify. But even I have to admit that the live performance was sub-optimal and didn’t do the song or the performer justice. It still would have been nice to seem him get through though.

So was there any good news?

Well, I was pleased to see talent song/artist combinations like Australia, Belgium and Israel qualify. If Australia didn’t make it through this stage, there would be riots I’m sure. A superb singer with a great song, she was magnificent last night.

So we go into the final stage of this Eurovision year (I remember when it was just one evening, never mind months and months of song releases, followed by three separate contests!) with hopes that a truly good song will win.

For me, it needs to be Spain, France, Italy or Israel. A great combinations of singers and songs with some confident performances. I’m also well and truly braced for disappointment, for that this how the Eurovision game goes for me lately.

Let’s see how it pans out.

And if the show is run as well as last night’s, with tight and fun presenting from the comperes, it’ll entertaining regardless of the music. The opening number last night was the funniest I can remember for some time.

We won’t be having party this year, but we will be watching while grazing on a selection of pan-European food. Any excuse to buy in interesting nibbles.

I know where my priorities lie…

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