New bike headache

So I ordered a new bike some time ago, but it’s taken until today for Evans Cycles to let me know that they can’t actually fulfil the order. Despite having taken my money on May 1st, they don’t actually have an Orange Brompton M3L and won’t be getting any more in.

They made a half-hearted attempted at an apology by offering me any of the other models they had in stock, but…there’s a good reason they’re in stock. Pretty awful colours to be honest. And pretty awful customer service.

I figure that if I’m going to lay down close to a grand on a new bike, I should at least be able to get it in the colour I want.


Anyway, the order has now been cancelled and I’m awaiting my Paypal refund. Meanwhile, I’ve found a stockist in Wales who has an orange M3L and placed my order. Still waiting on an ETA for delivery, so keep those fingers crossed for me.

And I was really looking forward to getting out for a cycle in the sun this weekend…

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