So much easier

Only a few days since I moved this blog from a self-hosted solution to and I’m already so very glad I made the leap.

No more plug-ins to maintain, no more time-outs, no more complexity. I just fire up the browser, head to and start typing. It’s a simple, but powerful interface. And it definitely makes it easier to write – basically, if I experience less friction, I’m a lot more likely to start a post.

Slightly sad I couldn’t bring my preferred blog theme with me, but I’m not too unhappy with the one that’s up and running now. I might update it in the future, but right now I’m all about the content.

(If we can agree that, by ‘content’, we mean snarky references to the Eurovision Song Contest and whiney posts about technology that I don’t yet own. Yes?)

4 comments on “So much easier

  1. I like WordPress too 🙂 So convenient getting instant notifications on my phone and reading on the train : )


    • Definitely! And I just got notified of your comment via my Apple Watch. 🙂 Plus it works with IFTTT, so it’s connected so several of my other services. All very convenient.

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  2. stevemorton

    I use Jetpack and that has a plug in maintenance mode built in which updates the plug-ins for me. I am on self hosted using Webfaction with the server in Amsterdam as my host, very very little downtime. I used to use a US based host and that used to suffer from trans-atlantic dropouts a lot.

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    • I also have a self-hosted professional website, which is going to be revamped and moved this summer. That’s enough website shenanigans for me! It’ll be hosted in the UK so no transatlantic dropouts 😀 I’m just amazed at how much easier the .com version of WordPress is, when frankly I looked down on it in the past.


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