Eurovision 2016: semi-final 1 (aftermath)



Oooh. Despite what I promise myself every year, I end up getting more annoyed at Eurovision voting decisions. Last night’s first semi-final of the song contest was no exception.

While acts like Cyprus and the Czech Republic getting enough voted to secure a place in Saturday’s final, the guys from Estonia and Iceland went home empty-handed. I think both acts did a great job on the night, but where Eurovision voting is concerned, there’s simply no accounting for taste!

(Speaking of, with no Greece in the final, who will Cyprus vote for?!)

Onwards to semi-final two (which really looks like the ‘group of death’, given the great songs included) on Thursday. I’m hoping Ireland make it through as Nicky Byrne has done a great job with an okay song. I think Australia are pretty much guaranteed a place in the final, such is the quality of their act. And with the album on almost constant repeat over the last week or so, both the Macedonian and Albanian songs have really grown on me.

Here’s hoping they get through too. But please – see the above warning about the randomness of voting. Also, there was a huge difference between album recordings and live performances last night (looking at you, Finland), so all my hopes and predictions may come to nothing if the acts mess it up on the night.

As for the show itself, Petra Mede was as entertaining as ever. She should be made permanent host. Similarly, the staging was impressive.

But it was really disappointing that the BBC ignored the (apparently impressive) interval act and instead forced viewers to watching a pretty painful ‘comedy’ routine featuring the UK’s entry.

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