Half-Marathon London Life

Two days of sun?!

Amaze-balls! It got up to 25C here this afternoon and I enjoyed as much of the sun as I possibly could.

I kicked off with a training run which, in hindsight, wasn’t a superb idea. While I’ve previously trained in as much as 28C and direct sunlight in Spain, I was well-hydrated and ran with a camel pack.

This morning, I was fuelled by coffee and didn’t bring any water with me. Still, I managed a very fun 14.5km in the sun and came home feeling great. I could have gone farther but was getting very, very hungry.

It’s always interesting running through London on a Sunday. I left Canary Wharf and headed up to Old Street and then back down to Tower Bridge via the City. Th financial district is a ghost town on a Sunday morning. Just perfect for running without having to stop and start and avoid tourists.

This afternoon, after a post-run meal of spinach omelette and spicy refried beans, we headed out for a walk in the sun. We eventually found a seat outside a local bar and enjoyed about 45mins in the sun before it got a little too hot for @FrankDJS.

This evening is going to consist of pizza-consumption and finishing off season two of Frankie & Grace.

I honestly think I’d be a significantly happier and more relaxed person if I lived somewhere with weather like this all the time. But seeing as I don’t, I have to take advantage of it while I can!

And looking at the weather forecast for the coming week, I’m glad I did.

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