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A Sunny London Saturday

The sun was out in London today. That alone is worth celebrating and possibly writing down for future reference, when the cold, dark and very long Winter returns. So I was determined to make the most of it.

We ‘enjoyed’ an incredibly awful brunch at Cafe Rouge in Canary Wharf (undercooked poached eggs and the most unripe of avocados) but the tone quickly picked up as we sat in the sun in Jubilee Park. Just sipping a coffee and feeling the sun on my face was such a boost.

This was followed by a drink at 28 West while watching the traffic steam up and down the Thames, then a trip into the West End for a wander round Covent Garden, some coveting of goods at Brompton Junction (my new orange Brompton still hasn’t arrived!) and later an  ’emergency burger’ pitstop at Byron’s in Soho.

Truly, it was an emergency. And just what I needed.

And then? Then it was a large matcha milk tea with tapioca pearls from Biju on Old Compton Street. Delicious and lasted me the entire journey back to Canary Wharf. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I admit its green colour and the pile of deep black tapioca at the bottom of the cup did draw a few odd looks on the tube.

Whatever. I like them.

And I can thoroughly recommend Biju – the best and tastiest bubble tea I’ve had outside of Japan. Maybe even better! Perfect for a hot day.

Why the need to relate the minutae of this particular Saturday? It was the usual stuff I get up to, just done through the prism of fabulous, fabulous sunshine. What a difference it makes to see London in the sunshine. It probably also explains why I walked so much – a solid 15,000 steps.

And now? Tearing through season 2 of Grace and Frankie. It’s shaped up to be a very perfect Saturday.

3 comments on “A Sunny London Saturday

  1. Impressive day trotting about!


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