Eurovision 2016: Australia

You may very well wonder how and why Australia is competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. I stopped querying participation some time ago, to be honest. Apparently, the Eurovision knows no borders (though it does know outstanding membership fees, much to Romania’s embarrassment).

But they’re here now and so we better get used to it, as they seem to be taking it seriously.

Last year’s entry was great and did very well – back when we all thought it was a temporary thing, in honour of the Eurovision’s 60th anniversary. Maybe they even got a few ‘friendly’ or even ‘charity’ points. But they’re back. And they’re aiming to win, judging by the calibre of this year’s entry.

We need to take this threat seriously.

Dani Im is superb and the song is a perfect fit for her. She’s already won Australian X-Factor, could the Eurovision be next on her list? It’s a song that stands on its own merits – no need for costumes or gimmicks. And for that alone, I hope it does really well on the night.

I have to wonder: if Australia win, where will the contest be held in 2017? We need to start thinking about this…the Eurovision is just weeks away!

2 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Australia

  1. Two words: Love. Her.


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