Right foot, left foot…

So, I have a half-marathon to get ready for. The good news is that a) it’s in October and b) it’s my favourite one: The Royal Parks half-marathon here in London.

I have to admit putting running on hold for months for no better reason than bad weather and a new habit of going to our building’s gym to use the cross-trainer and watch TV shows on my iPhone. It kept me up to date with shows I wanted to watch (sometimes) and didn’t require me to launch myself into the rain.

I of course brought my running gear to South Beach, as the beach-front path is just perfect for a morning run – before it gets too hot, of course. It was a delight to run along there before breakfast, watching the waves come in, while also sneaking peaks at the impossibly perfect bodies of my fellow runners.

But now I’m back in London, time is ticking on and I still haven’t shifted the weight that two weeks in the US added to my waistline. Really. I acted like a senator from ancient Rome, gorging on anything and everything that was put in front of me. The more fried and calorific the better.

Back in London, I’m trying to eat more healthily, but that isn’t going to do it alone. And no matter how much I wish it were otherwise, sitting in our sauna and reading tech magazines doesn’t really count as exercise.

So, it’s time to lace up my trainers and hit the streets again. 5km runs for a while, building up to 10km and the an incline into the half-marathon territory. I’ve definitely hung up my marathon shoes, simply because I didn’t in any way enjoy previous races and managed to injure myself during both. Half-marathons, on the other hand, you can run in the morning and go on to enjoy the rest of your day.

At least, that’s been my experience.

And the Royal Parks half is the scene of my PB running at this distance. I’ve previously completed it in 1:42. Last time, it was 2:02, but to be fair, it was my first big run after recovering from knee surgery. This year, I’m aiming for a sub-2:00 time and then slowly improve from there.

I really do enjoy running. It gives me time to think, time to listen to my favourite podcasts and is one way of not turning into a complete sphere of fat. Also, I try to raise money for my charity of choice each time – Epilepsy Action. The same holds true in 2016, so if you’d like to drop a couple of pounds my way, just click here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some too-tight running gear to squeeze into.

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