Keep going?

This morning’s planned 5k dash by the river turned unit an unexpected 10km run in the sun! For whatever reason, I was enjoying the rhythm of the run and the very welcome sun on my face. Very quickly, a chore turned into a very pleasant experience.

I just kept going. I was enjoying the podcast I was listening to, felt I was making great progress and was in no rush to get home. It just made sense to keep going. Lots of other runners out too, which always helps my pace…and motivation! Subtle nods between fellow travellers, the acknowledgement that we’re doing something that we get, even if the dog walkers and pram-pushers around us think we’re nuts.

Canary Wharf, through Limehouse basin, over to Cable Street, Shadwell, Tower Hill, Wapping and back to Canary Wharf. And I enjoyed every step of the way.

2016-04-17 11.33.28


A good minute faster-per-kilometre than recent runs – though they were in South Beach and it was a tad warmer there!

I’ve since been to a friend’s for lunch, gone out for coffee and cake and walked in the sun in Dulwich Village. My step count almost makes up for a very, very lazy Saturday. If I could replicate this performance over longer runs in the next few months, I’ll be a very happy hobbit altogether.

2 comments on “Keep going?

  1. RedEaredRabbit

    I ran 10k last weekend too, albeit at a far more modest pace. Then the next day my mate ran the marathon in 2:59, which brought me down to earth a bit.


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