MacPsych Mumbles 002…I came back for more

So I came back for more…no edits, one take and a painfully long gap before I pressed ‘share’ on SoundCloud.

I might finally be getting used to the sound of my own voice. Maybe.

Be gentle with me…


5 comments on “MacPsych Mumbles 002…I came back for more

  1. stevemorton

    Enjoying the Podcast, listening whilst I’m doing Web Finds for tomorrow

    I’ve not bothered with Apple Music or Spotify. I just stick to my own music collection. I do use iTunes Match to make the whole library available on all devices automatically. So where ever I am in the house I can listen to one of my own smart playlists. True I don’t get to hear much ‘new’ stuff I’m sort of locked in to the music of the 1970’s in a way… my teenage years! But I never get bored with it so that’s the main thing.

    Whilst all of your interests might not be in common with my own interests, but listening to your chatting about them is quite enjoyable, a good insight in to different areas.

    Yes election season is terrible… on which ever side of the Atlantic you are or which ever side of the political fence you are on!!

    Likewise not interested in new Kindle, less battery life, high price etc!

    Looking forward to 003… We are recording another one this coming weekend.

    Take care


  2. For a 1-take, it’s fab!

    One odd bit, when I click on the link, it takes me to Safari rather than the SC app. One would assume it would take me to Safari (mobile) with the annoying, yet better option of ‘Open’ prompt FOR SC.

    Doesn’t matter but I end up listening to it on S rather than SC cos I can’t be arsed to flick through 4 screens and then open up an A/V folder on my phone (cos I have PAGES of apps in folders on my phone cos I’m OCD.

    I liked that you talked about different things as they were your perspective on the week.

    I’m going to share a link which might be EXCESSIVELY annoying but I promise there are good bits.


    1st: Chalene is a (they’ll promote it on the show to IMPRESS you!!!) multi-millionnairess, all self-made, whose big take has been fitness whether teaching moves, teaching others how to make their fitness empires or selling fitness clothing.

    She’s a bit of a nutter and looks like a Barbie doll.

    She is the brains, though, and is SO honest about all of her BS. I mean from being a workaholic who taught others to be to not working 2 full months a year now because she learnt about work-life balance.

    She doesn’t keep it ‘on topic,’ which I love. I typically don’t listen to most of the entrepreneurial posts.

    I often skip the health posts because it’s not that I don’t know what to do, I choose not to do…

    She does a ton of being a better social media person (also may appeal) and what’s fun is she picks on famous podcasters to glean their secrets!

    It may not all appeal, hit the fwd button:)

    The thing I enjoy most about her take is you don’t HAVE to be perfect — just DO and reach out to avenues of improvement.

    So, she IS very positive without pulling punches. Her earlier stuff WILL be contradicted as SHE learns.

    You will get tips to try and if it doesn’t work, you’ll get OTHER tips (all from people who do this shit a LOT).

    Also, be prepared for her self-selling as she now is in business-coaching. Just ignore or hit fwd. or buy her programmes but I’m counselling to just listen to the bits that appeal or even to stuff that doesn’t cos it’s interesting to see what pops up from unrelated stuff.

    And you may hate her BUT she like the Barbie-Entrepreneurial version of me.

    She’s on social media everywhere, doing completely ridiculous stuff, bless her. This is her being serious.

    I just did a LONG advert for her — sorry — my point was, it’s free and she talks to a lot of experts. I’ve slept about 10 hrs total all week. I’m dry-drunk.


  3. ethnicolor

    Sounding good – which mic did you use for this recording (the Shure or the Blue), and what did you use to cut down the ambient noises? You can get a small sound-baffle to surround your table-top mic from Amazon. Brady Haran (of “Hello Internet” fame) has a good post with cheap equipment anyone can use for podcasting.


    • MacPsych

      Thanks! I used the Shure one for this. I didn’t do anything special, except record it in my study which is pretty quiet. I have a sound-baffle on its way from Amazon for the desktop mike. The adventure continues! 🙂


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