The experiment may continue…

After fiddling around with recording my voice a bit more over last week, I bit the bullet and ordered myself some recording equipment. Nothing too big or technical, just a mic I can plug into my iPhone and another I can plug into the iMac on my desk.

I’ve realised I’m quite interested in learning more about podcasting, getting better at putting them together (I’ve not shared anything online except for a 2 minute clip of my voice) and having some fun with it. Definitely not something to make money out of, just another way to enjoy sharing my perspective on things.

I’m busy catching up on the excellent Dan Benjamin’s ‘Podcast Method‘ podcast series from the very beginning. He’s very engaging and goes into everything in enormous detail. But most of all, it’s his passion for the medium that has me hooked.

I’m particularly interested in learning how to record and edit the content on iOS. Exploring options with that, then I’ll move onto desktop recording using something more powerful. All the while, trying to get more used to the sound of my own voice. And decide that to podcast about.

This blog is far from focused, but if there was anything I share consistently, it’s tech. Maybe I could bring some product reviews to life using my voice? Or maybe I could use all this new equipment to record podcasts where I complain loudly about the many and varied annoyances in my life.

Who knows? I might love it and continue on a regular basis or get bored at the combination of my ineptitude and the steep learning curve then flog the microphones on eBay within the month.

Let’s see.

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