iPad anticipation

My new iPad Pro 9.7″ is out for delivery. It’s arriving some time tomorrow and, as we all know, Apple device days can drag horribly.

On the one hand, if it arrives early in the morning, it’ll be difficult concentrate on work while that pristine white box lies next to me on the desk. I’ll be tempted to open it and that will blow up all my plans for getting things done.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t arrive until late in the evening, I’ll continue to wonder where it is and worry it won’t turn up or that it’s been delivered to the wrong address. Proper iPad fretting.

Best case scenario? It arrives a little before 4pm, giving me some time to set it up and play around with it before I go and watch the (alleged) disaster that is Batman vs Superman.

You can simply file this (firmly) under ‘First World Problems’.

I know. I’m sorry…

2 comments on “iPad anticipation

  1. RedEaredRabbit

    I got one too. I was very restrained. Arrived at 10am and only just opened the box.


    • MacPsych

      I managed to unpack mine and charge it before leaving to see Batman vs Superman. Wrong choice


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